Friday, April 3, 2009


I haven't packed yet!!! Haha, typical 11:45 pm, procrastination= yours truly. Last weekend I went to Segovia and Madrid with Amy, Nicole, Mindy and Lara. Mindy and Lara are 2 girls who are missionaries in Murcia that we met through the Restrepos (missionary family here). While in Segovia we saw the Roman Aqueducts, and I took a picture while the 4 of them stood illegally on top of them! Haha, oops, typical Americans. The next day (they have a car) we drove down to Madrid and went to the Prado Museum and a PARTIDO DE FÚTBOL (A GAME OF SOCCER)!!! Spain played Turkey and it was a world cup qualifier game.. Spain won of course, Viva España!! I learned last weekend that I really enjoy northern Spain's scenery. It is so much more lush up there, it's a nice break to see grass. But I still like Murcia and its weather :)

FYI, my spring break has officially started and I will be MIA for the next few weeks. I am going to tour around southern Spain and go to Córdoba, Sevilla, and Madrid (which is not in Southern Spain) and THEN my friend Nicole and I are going to France to see the beaches of Normandy and Switzerland.. to take in all of the beauty Switzerland has to offer. We wanted to stay in Spain for the first week of our break because Semana Santa has officially started. I actually saw a procession in Murcia tonight on my way home from Plaza Santa Domingo (central location in Murcia) and tonight they were all wearing blue capes. When I do finally post pictures do not be shocked at the attire... nazarenos and capirotes wear large capes and cone like hats during the processions. The clothing looks very similar the KKK but it's not, obviously because I'm in Spain.

I'll be back in 2 weeks!

Happy Easter, and Happy birthday to Steve and Christian :)

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