Sunday, January 25, 2009 more thing...

....When I talked about going upstairs to Jaime's room.. it wasn't a room, it was a terrace, a rooftop that he had access to from his apartment with a spiral staircase leading outside-- looking out over the city. Ah wonderful!

I don't know why I posted the word 'room' earlier.. I tell everyone my English is becoming worse and worse and my Spanish is stagnant! haha


Hola todos,

Sooo this week has flown by!! It's been great! I can say that I love it here now :) I knew this day would come!!
A break down of the week...
Last Friday night, my friend Havens met a guy at bar (sounds sketchy I know) and he invited her (and her cute American friends to his place) soooo the next night after dinner with alot of "the girls" (this will be the girls from the program from here on out.. "the girls" get it?) we went to Jaime's [not Jamie,, Hi-May I'm in Spain :)]

Anyways we get to his house and there's all of these mid 20 something early 30 something people there, and it's totally not like "a party" but rather a get together with friends on a Saturday night. (And p.s moms and dads everywhere I at no point in time felt unsafe, had my cell phone, and 5 other girls with me) The minute we walk in the all great us with besos (kisses) on the cheek and offer food (the first bit of real, good food I've had) and drinks. We all stuff our faces (as cool and Europeanesk as we can of course) and are all chatting the night away in different circles around the room. Then we go upstairs to the room of Jaime's house that overlooks the majority of downtown!! Ah, the Spaniards know how to live... all night we were whispering como se dice (how do you say) jackpot!?

Moving onto Sunday I slept in until about 2:30 pm.... It's the way of life over here.. and I didn't even stay out that late. I had been a hard core student, traveler, and all around trooper all week.... so I slept.

On Monday after class the university sponsored a classic guitar session where 3 guitarists and one singer performed. A the "II Concierto Internacional de Guitarra Clasica" I watched a man from Argentina tickle a guitar, play it like Santana, and talk while doing it! IT was amazing,, the other two guys played wonderfully as well, but I'm partial to the Argentine because he's from my side of the world :) Oh, the woman.. the singer she was great. I had no idea what she was singing about but she was great.

Tuesday we went to a museum with a tour after class. Last fall semester I studied about the Fenecios, Gregios, Cartenecios, Ibericos, Romanos, (fenacians, greeks, etc I can't spell in English anymore..) I learned about these different founding people of Europe, Spain, and essentially the world. This museum had ancient artifacts from these people! Oh it was so cool, ancient Roman pottery, headstones, money, jewelry... it was overwhelming.

Wednesday we all went to Badulake-- yes yes a bar. It was fun enough because I like the girls I run around with.. but a bar's kinda like a mall... once you've seen one, you've seen them all. I think I would enjoy it more if it played Spanish music and was more localized-- but oh well. Thursday was pretty low key, and then Friday we went back to Jaime's. This past weekend we were planning a trip to Granada but it fell though-- so next weekend (this coming) we're going to Granada to see the Alhambra (look it up because it's a big deal)!!

Oh yeah, I did try a new something to drink at Jaime's... it comes in a bottle here. Try mixing red wine and coke... or a sangria type of wine and coke. It comes all together here but you could never find that in the states (I don't think) it was amazing... very tasty. Don't go buy the best-- it's suppose to be a really good cheap deal.. for picnics and stuff I guess. Wine comes in juice boxes here... so it's not a biggie to have a mixer with wine I suppose?

This Sunday Andrea and I (my awesome roomie) went to church with some other girls and it was alot of fun. The people there were so warm and welcoming! (Alot of them are from South/Central America) not to stereotype but I'm just stating the facts... Afterwards this missionary family invited us to there house for lunch. ANOTHER great meal! Aaa it was so good nothing spectacular, just not jamon (ham) or pasta.

That's about all of the events for now... as for me personally-- the Spanish is coming verrrryyy slow. I feel like a 2 year old on the verge of talking because I understand about 85-90 % of what I hear and want to talk back but still sound like a cave man. My classes are fine, I'm with all the girls from the program and this week we're getting broken off into groups based on our levels and will finally meet international students! I'm nervous and excited about that.

OK sorry for this one being sooo long, I'll try to break it up a little bit more next time!

I promise, pictures SOON! I don't have my own computer right now so I can't do much but take pictures... but as soon as my care package comes in I'll post away!!

Oh yea,,, my address is

Elisabeth Johnson
N*8 , Planta 2nd, Puerta D
Murcia, Espana/Spain

I love peanut butter, chocolate, packets of ranch that I could mix with milk and anything else your hearts desire to send me! :) Only kidding.... but really I love correo (mail)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The one week mark.... kinda

Well, it's been about a week here in Spain. I still can't believe it, I wake up and go through my daily routine... take a shower (that's tiny, and limited with hot water) eat a quick breakfast (normal cereal and milk) and catch the bus and go to school with my roommate. My classes aren't too difficult, but they're not too easy either. I am learning to hear Spanish better, but the speaking still comes very slow. Most people are patient with me which is comforting. I'm sorry I still don't have pictures to show.... but I will hopefully within the nest week or so. The weather over here is chilly, but from what I hear far warmer than in the States. Last night was my first Friday in Murcia-- me and a bunch of the other girls went out for dinner, drinks, and then dancing. The Estrella Levante is a good beer, so if you can get a hold of it in the states, it's worth a try. When "you close down a bar" people honestly don't go home till about 6 or 7 in the morning... not exactly my thing, but we'll see as the semester progresses. I went to a mall that was much like America, Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King... what more could you ask for? Haha-- it was fun enough, but once you've seen one mall, you've seen them all. I'm really learning to appreciate the culture here... they have the right idea as their motto is "We live for living, not live for working." It's wonderful... when you go out to eat, it's expected and normal to sit at a table talking long after the coffee, wine, or food is gone for at least an hour, but many times more. Everyone walks everywhere here, work, school, social gatherings... everywhere, and the women do it in heels! I haven't mastered that yet :)
I hope to start traveling around Spain next weekend, maybe go to Granada, it's close to Murcia, but we'll see. That's all the news I have for now....

Pictures sooooon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finalmente mi primero blog!

Finally my first blog! My nueva amiga Nicole is letting me borrow her computer. After a long 20 hours in the Madrid airport I finally made it to Murcia and crashed. I live with an American girl from Wisconsin and Marco a French guy and Alejandro from Mucia. They are all great and very helpful. The first few days of class were intimidating-- and I definately need to brush up on my spanish, but it's good :) . After traveling from Tuesday to approximately Saturday I was exhausted! My connection flight in Madrid to Alicante was cancelled, but Iberia was not quite upfront about that and I was in the airport for almost a day. The piolets went on strike! Haha, that's when I decided that I missed the States! But all hope was not lost because I made great friends and traveling buddies along the way. Juan, whose father is German and whose mother is Spanish could speak those two languages as well as English. He was a great help, and I drug my luggage (with the help of him and my friend Deserey) through the Madrid metro trying to find the big train staion headed for Alicante. WE DID... and it was a beautiful ride (I forced myself to stay awake) and after the taxi ride to Murcia I went to sleep at about 5 in the afternoon. The culture is different (of course) but I'm beginning to fall in love with it. However, it definately took some getting used to, and some tears too :) I will be posting more fun information soon, and photos... but out of respect for Nicole I'm going to stop now with I'm safe, warm, becoming adapted, and well fed!

Te amo todo mucho!!