Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finalmente mi primero blog!

Finally my first blog! My nueva amiga Nicole is letting me borrow her computer. After a long 20 hours in the Madrid airport I finally made it to Murcia and crashed. I live with an American girl from Wisconsin and Marco a French guy and Alejandro from Mucia. They are all great and very helpful. The first few days of class were intimidating-- and I definately need to brush up on my spanish, but it's good :) . After traveling from Tuesday to approximately Saturday I was exhausted! My connection flight in Madrid to Alicante was cancelled, but Iberia was not quite upfront about that and I was in the airport for almost a day. The piolets went on strike! Haha, that's when I decided that I missed the States! But all hope was not lost because I made great friends and traveling buddies along the way. Juan, whose father is German and whose mother is Spanish could speak those two languages as well as English. He was a great help, and I drug my luggage (with the help of him and my friend Deserey) through the Madrid metro trying to find the big train staion headed for Alicante. WE DID... and it was a beautiful ride (I forced myself to stay awake) and after the taxi ride to Murcia I went to sleep at about 5 in the afternoon. The culture is different (of course) but I'm beginning to fall in love with it. However, it definately took some getting used to, and some tears too :) I will be posting more fun information soon, and photos... but out of respect for Nicole I'm going to stop now with I'm safe, warm, becoming adapted, and well fed!

Te amo todo mucho!!



  1. Looking forward to reading your future blogs!!!

  2. Is this Elisabeth or Kelly's blog.


  3. So which was worse... Colorado to Nashville, or United states to Murcia?