Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good News

Hello all!

I have good news, for those of you who do not have a Facebook account, I have joined Shutterfly and now have a blog page there too. I will not be blogging twice or putting much time and effort into the Shutterfly account, but it will have pictures! The link is: and you can go to that page and there is an album there waiting on you.

This week has flown by, and I hate to say it but I didn't do anything too exciting. I took the majority of the week to recuperate from my weekend in Granada-- where I got a cold :(. I'm feeling better and eating lots of vitamin C. Speaking of witch-- they have orange trees here... up and down the sidewalks there are rows of orange trees. I thought that would be an interesting fact. Also, for those of you who don't know-- I haven't talked alot about my living situation. I live with Andrea (amazing American roomie) and Alejandro (Al-ee-han-dro) a Spaniard from the pueblos of Murcia and Marco a guy France who speaks English, Spanish and French. They are both very nice guys, very considerate of the face that they live with girls...[no running around naked :)] accept they don't clean dishes on a regular basis-- haha, is that universal?? Just kidding men! Funny story about my roommates we were all in the dining room the other night, and for some reason The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was brought up-- the next thing I know the four of us are singing (in English) the theme song! It was hilarious to hear that song with a French and Spanish accent!! Another funny thing... I did some laundry before I left for Granada for the weekend...I get back and it had rained in Murcia all weekend as well. So I had to leave my clothes out on the line to re-dry. I get home from school on Monday and a bird had pooped on one of my shirts!! AAA it was too funny for me to be mad! Oh the life of a Spaniard :) More later, hope it's warming up in the States!


  1. Even though I have a facebook account I will still check out your pictures on shutterfly! Hope you get to feeling 100% soon.

  2. Haha...I wish we had orange trees just growing randomly here in PA. I so could have and would have been eating like 10 a day. Bird poop reminds me of a walk I was on through campus and a bird pooped on some guys head in front of me. Just plain old luck it wasn't me.

    I'm reliving FPOBA in my head right now thanks to you. :) xoxo

  3. Speaking of bird poop... that did happen to a friend of mine here in Spain! Bahaha hilarious! She's the preppiest girl in our group, and it was classic! haha I don't know what FPOBA is.. did we have codes?